Ian Cole, A Fly Fisher's Guide

Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand

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What to bring

Personal gear:

  • Polaroids: good quality glasses are absolutely vital for New Zealand “sight fishing”. Amber (pale yellow) lenses are optimal.
  • A wide brimmed hat for sun protection, and shading your polaroids.
  • Sun block, lip protection, and insect repellent – don’t leave home without any of those.
  • A day pack to carry your personal items.

You will need a variety of warm clothes in natural blend-in bush colors. Nothing loud – reds and yellows look good in pictures but you may never get that picture as the fish will see you a mile away. I find the best fishing garments are made from merino wool, supplemented with light, fast-dry apparel and a warm fleece jacket. A warm, waterproof, wind-proof rain jacket is essential. We get occasional snow-storms even in the middle of summer.

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